Octane Games is an action game developer based in Finland. Octane Games develops high quality titles for worldwide distribution based on its own original IP's. The company was founded in 2011 and the first game Wasteland Angel was released soon after that.

Raven's Cry


Raven's Cry is a blood-soaked tale of revenge, far from the typically light-heated, swashbuckling Hollywood faire. The hero (better to call him the anti-hero) is Christopher Raven, a man with nothing left to lose, who takes to the high seas to avenge his murdered family.

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Raven’s Cry is "The Best Action-Adventure on E3 2012"

13 JUN 2012

Raven\Raven’s Cry has won "The Best Action-Adventure on E3 2012" award by GamingXP!

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Best of E3 nomination!

8 JUN 2012

Raven’s Cry nominated as "Best of E3 2012" by GamingXP!

At E3

7 JUN 2012

Octane Games and TopWare Interactive are having a blast at E3!

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